Black Therapist Podcast Avoid Cluster B Personality Disorders For Healthy Relationships

Avoid Cluster B Personality Disorders For Healthy Relationships

There are five personality disorders (cluster B) to avoid if you’re looking for a healthy love connection? Listen to this episode. ⁣⁣

Cluster B Personality disorders are widely misunderstood, the cause of a lot of unhealthy relationship chaos under diagnosed in mental wellness circles today. 

But at the same time there are a lot of people cavalierly throw around words meant to be used for those who have the collection of symptoms that rise to the point of a diagnosable personality disorder. 

It is often thought that if you have certain personality types they can’t be cured or fixed. That idea scares the hell out of most people… because your personality is the basis of who we are.

No matter what personality type you have, it’s your normal. When a personality type rises to the level of dysfunction is when it starts to interfere with your daily life. Goal setting and attainment. Ability to create and maintain relationships. Ability to function at work, maintain daily activities and succeed in society. 

When you have those struggles or love someone who does it becomes a major issue. And if this is someone you are attempting to make a love connection with. It can be a major barrier to closeness. 

There are certain cluster b personality types and disorders that makes being close with that person incredibly difficult. Some of these are we have all heard of like a sociopath, psychopathy, narcissistic, or borderline personality disorder. But others like histrionic personality disorder maybe a little more obscure even though they are super common and a barrier to healthy relationships. 

In this episode we discuss why these are the personality types you should avoid if you can to maintain and create healthy relationships. How to deal with them if you are already in these relationships. What they pitfalls of these relationships are and why they create such chaos when you are trying to find love. 

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