Black Therapist Aren’t as Good as White The Case for Black on Black therapy

Black Therapist Podcast formerly Black in therapy is a podcast hosted by Brooklyn New York Based Psychotherapist Nikita Banks LCSW. In this episode we discuss how to deal with racist white therapist. Power and privilege of therapists and the importance of the use of “SELF” and being introspective is in our practice.

2 thoughts on “Black Therapist Aren’t as Good as White The Case for Black on Black therapy”

  1. I am listening with joy in my heart because these issues impact me every day. Our race is at the forefront of who we are every day and our White colleagues are just as responsible for their privilege as we are responsible for being mindful of the power we possess as social workers with our clients. I like how you said your therapist is culturally relevant to who you are and you don’t have to explain to him. That’s a good point to make; someone does not have to be the same race as you are to understand who you are if they have real, personal conversations with Black people and other people of color. Thank you for your realness.

    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate your comment and what you do for the community. They need us to be confident in our abilities in order to help them battle all they have to deal with the navigate the world successfully and it’s a struggle sometimes for us to deal with out stuff and with theirs. But it must be done. You are appreciated.

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