Healthy Relationship Building for Boss Chicks With Author Nikita Banks, LCSW Black Therapist Podcast

Healthy Relationship Building for Boss Chicks

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“Healthy Relationship Building for Boss Chicks. Learn relationship cheat codes in 20 minutes a day” Yet? What are you waiting for?

What do you have to lose except for your frustration with attempting to build relationships with people that just aint working. We just assume we should be able to learn to navigate relationships. There’s this idea that it should be an inherent process but the truth is it takes work. The foundation for our relationships are the ones we build with our families.

if we grew up in an environment where dysfunction is commonplace we have to make a decision to unlearn the bad habits we’ve gathered through the years. Unhealthy relationships have a way of depleting us of our energy but they can also be bad for our health.

On the flip side healthy relationships are healing literally! Like you heal from wounds quicker if you have healthy relationships. They help you lower stress hormones, release dopamine, serotonin (which helps reduce the risk of depression) and endorphins which gives us feelings of euphoria and extreme happiness…these flood your brain and make us feel all warm and fuzzy. 

They increase happiness, It has literally been linked to long life and healing wounds quicker. Love can turn you into wolverine. 

Low blood pressure, increased immunities, increased your physical and psychological health. And it helps us attain healthier outcomes. 

In This Episode we talk about what is available in our upcoming free course starting February 1, 2019 “Healthy Relationship Building for Boss Chicks. Learn relationship cheat codes in 20 minutes a day to get the love (life) you love.”

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