How to Break Up a Friendship Black Therapist Podcast Episode

How to Break Up a Friendship

Breaking up is hard to do, but its much harder when you don’t know how to break up a friendship. For me my friends are my family. It is the people I have the most in common with and those who I hold the most dear and true. 

When it is time to end a friendship it maybe a very difficult decision. Even if you know it’s time, most of us don’t know how to break up with a friendship

New Monday New Show. Sometimes even good things have to come to an end. When it’s time to part ways as friends what are you supposed to do. ⁣

On this episode of the of @blacktherapistpodcast our host Psychotherapist @msnikibanks we discuss what it’s like to end a friendship. ⁣

It can be a hard decision to figure out when you need to let go of a relationship that no longer serves you. In this episode we weigh the pros and the cons to ending a friendship that you really value. ⁣

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