Black Therapist Podcast Episode About Myths Ruining Your Self Care Routine

Myths Ruining Your Self Care Routine

Self care is self preservation! There are so many myths about how to create a self care routine. And the fact remains, random acts of self care is not what we think. 

Many people struggle with developing a consistent self care routine because they are inundated with myths about what self care is supposed to be as opposed to what it really is. 

As women we are often taught that we are supposed to put other’s needs before ours. It becomes a struggle and a major barrier to us being able to put our mask on first. 

And these issues are compounded by the way our ideas around self care and how to get our needs met are formed. That comes directly from the way we have learned to develop these skills in our childhood. 

A lot of cultures believe suffering is a part of endurance. It is necessary we examine why we struggle to make ourselves a priority. And explore the extreme guilt and negative reactions when we finally make the decision to put our needs first. 

For me this was not only a choice but it was an act of self preservation. Part of my self care routine was just going to the therapist.

On this episode we discuss the myths that surround self care and the difference between, self love and self care. 

Also on this episode we discuss the need to renegotiate roles in families that no longer serve us and not acting like “moral martyr” in your relationships. 

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To learn more about how to renegotiate roles in families by our book Finding Happy Seven Steps to Relationships That Will Not Steal Your Joy 

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