Dr Holly Sawyer

Starting a Group Practice Part 2

In part two of our episode with Dr Holly Sawyer, PHD we talk about the on going struggles between therapist and insurance companies and why it is so hard to find a clinician to take your insurance.. 

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Hey, guys,

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welcome to 2020. We made it, we’ve made it. We’ve made it now a few more days, and we will have a brand new president, and hopefully a brand new government that is a lot more competent, and we will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. If you missed last week’s episode of black therapist podcast where we talk again with Dr. Holly Sawyer, you missed a lot. This episode here is the conclusion of that conversation. And I just want to say you know what, thank you guys for riding with us. We are almost at our 100th show, which we believe will be next week. And I just want to thank everybody for all of the support and all the downloads over the the years that we’ve been running this show. When I started this this podcast, I just really wanted to share the experience of myself as a therapist of color who previously battled mental health issues. I say this all the time. Not everybody has a diagnosis. But everybody has issues and I had more issues than Vogue jet. Ebony combined. Just growing up in the inner city, Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, when I did and coming from a family who didn’t really know how to fully articulate or value or explore their feelings in a healthy manner. And so I decided when I got healthy, and when I got whole, to be in practice and be of service for people who look like me to get in be on that exact same journey. And the podcast was just A tool for me to say, hey, even though I’ve made it, even though I’m here, even though I have have these things, I have the same struggle. And the same path as a lot of the people that I serve. And I’m not talking down to you, I am not above you. I am a survivor story of like, what happens when you do the work and you conquer your stuff, right? When you take personal responsibility for it, and then you reach out to additional resources outside of your disposal, and you make active decisions to get healthy, emotionally. So that was how it started, we are almost at 100 shows I made a goal to just not look at numbers and not look at metrics and not make a business and do five seasons of that we are in the fifth season, I know where I would like for the show to go next. And I will let you guys know that in a few weeks. If I have actually for like I’ve been dropping hints and saying that all along, but just trying to figure out what’s the best way to transition to where I am to where I want to be in our next couple of shows. But that said, we have some great content coming up and some great interviews coming up for the upcoming shows. And I also want to bring on some old guests or guests that previous guests because they I mean, he definitely got older because we’re in a new year, but they do. But to bring back some previous guests to talk about some of the things that they are doing now and just want me to connect with therapists that I love and respect and have positive energy and I know is going to give you guys a good show and positive vibes on where we are going as a community and where we are going as a practice. That said, if you are a therapist who wants to be on this show, the show is called Black therapist podcast. So my preference, first of all, is mental health professionals in the field who are licensed and credentialed. That is my first preference for guests. After that, I’m into having people on the show who are also people on the diaspora, who are mental health advocates, and community organizers doing the work of social justice. And, you know, expanding Social Work services, and access to those services for people of color. And that’s really cool. I have on the show. And you know, a lot of people reach out, I want to reach back to everybody. But it just really takes a lot out of me to reach back to everybody. When you and I both know, when you send the email to me to solicit being on the show that we you guys are not probably not a good fit. And you haven’t listened to the show. I feel like I’m saying this every week. But I just kind of want to raise the caliber and quality of the people who are submitting for the show. And I really want you guys to be on who

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not only need the platform, but not only want the platform, but just who respects what it is that we do here. And the aesthetics that we’re trying to cultivate on the show. Okay, because this cultivated cultural experience, and I just want to make sure that everybody who’s on the platform is able to lend their voice to that doesn’t mean if you’re not a clinician of color, you don’t have a place on this show. I’ve been really trying to get my old supervisor to be on the show for a really long time. She’s an amazing woman who’s white, but she does racial justice work. And you know, I love her. So I mean, it’s not saying that I don’t want people who are outside of the Diaspora to come on the show, but if you do culturally competent work and you either service or advance the the equity of in either the mental health field or the psychological health field or the health field in general, for people of color, then this is spot for you. Okay, okay, so we’re gonna get into Part Two episode of my interview with Dr. Holly soya, it is a gag we’re talking about not seeing my private practices, why it’s so hard to struggle to get a therapist to take your insurance, how we both have snapped during the pandemic, and the blessings and lessons that we’ve learned in 2021 just kind of dealing with the pandemic, okay. All right. So stay tuned, listen out. So what is what has your experience been like with the credentialing process because I’ve been in contract or I’ve sent my contract and for one insurance company, and it’s already been six months.

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So I’m just gonna put it out there at nut

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like okay, like I didn’t call a name I didn’t

Unknown Speaker 10:03
I know you didn’t but I don’t

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punish. Punish me. I am because that was Holly. Yep, it was it was all right yes Edna, I’m gonna stay with

Unknown Speaker 10:12
me. I have not met one black clinician who has applied for Aetna that either was not rejected multiple times or rejected multiple times had applied to appeal and then finally got it and I was just like, they’ll say like, Oh, it’s so many your area but it’s like no, that’s BS. Um, and if it is true, then how are the other ones panel? Destiny’s. gonna talk offline? Yeah, we do because they had a hot mess.

Unknown Speaker 10:39
That’s that shouldn’t be an issue for me. But I was told that the is running back behind 120 days. And I have a rack of Aetna clients waiting to see me and I can’t I can’t see them because

Unknown Speaker 10:53
it’s Let me tell you honey is Bullock is is hogwash. It’s bull shit. I apply for Edna and April is December, they denied me twice. And then on the third time said I’ll be I’ll be getting my approval letter on December 1. What’s the guy’s day filling got the letter girl they can keep that I’m not appealing. I find the fill in the people who I see EAP that have Edna. Oh, well, Honey, I’m not gonna be able to help you because I’m just not dealing with it and see, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 11:20
I got some Edna clients right now. Nope. They like they don’t want to wait. They see me in cash. And I’m, I’m, I’m the queen of the extra payer. I will tell you another way around going around your insurance. But I can’t I mean, it’s nothing I could do if they’re too they’re dragging their feet.

Unknown Speaker 11:39
And my concern is if you’re doing this just to approve me, how are you going to do when it comes time for billing? And I cannot again, I can’t have you play with my money because it’s gonna be a problem. So I think there’s only a

Unknown Speaker 11:51
need for old me money for three years, you see that? gH app pays the same rate that they paid in 1986 84. You see what I’m saying? So no, but

Unknown Speaker 12:03
no, to answer your question as far as their credentialing. Like I said, I leave them with agency that does all of that. So I don’t I don’t apply for any of this stuff. I don’t pay for it out of my pocket. I just had

Unknown Speaker 12:15
are they doing the appealing for you?

Unknown Speaker 12:16
Mm hmm. I have a I have a CA qH profile, which is basically go profile word, you know, you know, but for other people that therapists go in and dump all of their information as far as like your educational background, your practice location, your license, your liability, insurance, all that stuff. So that is connected to insurances that you want to get a panel or credential for. So right now I’m with optimum, united healthcare and Highmark, which is a subsidiary of BlueCross BlueShield. I only take those three as far as my city and state they are very good with their reimbursement rates that they have I apply for Aetna before all three of those insurance is real good to signify your early quick

Unknown Speaker 12:59

Unknown Speaker 13:01
signal a little crazy in Philly so I’m good I’m staying away from them but I did apply all for Humana because they’re they’re good.

Unknown Speaker 13:10
I have somebody calling me with from Humana. I didn’t even know that was a real insurance.

Unknown Speaker 13:14

Unknown Speaker 13:15
Wait, I don’t know what I thought it like I knew it was insurance, but I didn’t think it was it’s a low key best kept secret how to check out their reimbursement rates because

Unknown Speaker 13:23
they’re good and Philly. Now they don’t have like, a lot of people say, Oh, well, we don’t they they’re not as big as Aetna, or do we have a lot of people? That’s not true? Because I have people reaching out for me, like in Pittsburgh, like, Oh, do you take Humana Humana and I’m licensed with the state? So I don’t care where you live? Then I’ll take you. Yeah, and, and it’s good. Their rates are really, really good.

Unknown Speaker 13:47
Um, I see. And that’s part of the problem that people don’t understand too is that you mostly you don’t know. So when you are when you accept your license, or you accept your contract with an insurance broker, part of that contract is that you not discuss your rates with other people. So you don’t really know what the rate is gonna know until you get until you get in a lock you in that damn contract, and then a be like, Oh, this is what we don’t pay you. And then you can’t even talk about it. Mm hmm. And that definitely is something that needs to change. I know here in in in New York State with NSW we’ve definitely been talking about meeting with reimbursement rates and stuff. And they were actually supposed to have a meeting with one of the state’s largest insurance companies, and then COVID happened. So everything shut down because of because of COVID. So we’re still trying to get them to have that meeting so that we could, we could figure that out. Because here in New York City, or here in New York state we have over 6000 members in NSW and i think i think about 6000 60,000 social workers across the state. Good. So the fact that we’re not being paid properly is a problem. I’ve heard in some other states Medicare and Medicaid have actually reduced funding for what they’ll pay us this year by like 1010 or 15%. Listen, I don’t mess with them anyway. Right. Like I have some Medicaid clients. But I’m not. I’m not checking for the money.

Unknown Speaker 15:33

Unknown Speaker 15:34
I’ll blame you. Yeah, take

Unknown Speaker 15:35
those clients to help those clients. But, yeah, I’m not gonna be running Medicaid down for, you know, no, 50 $60 Yeah, some sometimes they pay $35 per session.

Unknown Speaker 15:51

Unknown Speaker 15:51
ain’t nobody got time for that. No,

Unknown Speaker 15:54
you put more effort

Unknown Speaker 15:55
in mind for free up. And then yeah, exactly today, which is what I do. So

Unknown Speaker 16:01
you’re so right, you are so great. But yeah, if I had to go through the tradition of on my, on my own, as an individual practitioner, I, like I said, in my solo practice, I would not have done it. So I just again, partner with agency day handles all of that. And, again, whenever I start seeing clients, they just I charge, they charged me like a very small nominal fee, to do the processing and keep a credential literally. So when I bring clinicians in under me who are licensed, I put them through the same process, and they don’t come out their pocket, I’m a cu provider. So if you, you know, again, I can provide you with CPUs to help you maintain to keep up with your license, and other trainers and stuff that I’ll offer to, to you know, help you get certified. So I have other, you know, like incentives that I have going on in my practice, because I don’t think people who work in community health and transition and private practice understand the business side of what it takes to run a private practice, or solo in a group the monies that have to go into it. But you come to the table with like, why I want you to pay me $80 an hour. I’m not hating on your rate. Not at all. However,

Unknown Speaker 17:13
that’s not even real. They don’t pay that. They don’t pay that in New York, though.

Unknown Speaker 17:16
I’m just saying to you my experience honey and these interviews,

Unknown Speaker 17:19
I think it’ll be nice. If you get a 5050 split.

Unknown Speaker 17:23
I kid you not. I had a young lady said to me, she wanted me to pay her between 75 and $80 an hour to her but I met it either, but it’s not realistic if you’re the

Unknown Speaker 17:39
man. So,

Unknown Speaker 17:41
yes, so thank you, but no, thank you. Because, you know, you were a great candidate, but I can’t meet your financial requests. Yeah, I’ve interviewed LCS W’s and LPC and a couple lmft Yes, ma’am.

Unknown Speaker 17:58
Yep, they Oh, Alicia diversify. Mme, I’m probably just sticking with the LMS W’s I may take some, some lmft s or whatever, whatever that is that Dr.

Unknown Speaker 18:09
v. The Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy, no Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist because for me, I don’t see kids and I don’t see couples.

Unknown Speaker 18:16
However, I’m sorry. That’s not what I meant. I meant the LPC. Oh, okay. Okay, the provisional license. I’m only hiring people who want supervising.

Unknown Speaker 18:27
Okay, gotcha. So to pre licensed folk,

Unknown Speaker 18:30
yeah, if I take LCS W’s on I will, those will be LCS W’s that I know. Partnering with like my knees and my friend and whatever. And then we would work out the you know, the training for them to be able to do the supervision, because I ain’t got time. I can dig it. Like if you come and learn to be lcsw w then you need to you should be at a point where you should you should be able to be supervising other people too. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 19:05
I agree. No.

Unknown Speaker 19:09
Besides that has the pandemic treating you

Unknown Speaker 19:13
um, some days are better than others out that’s the best way I can really like you know, sum it up describe it this morning. I just felt like I was in a footswitch between The Truman Show and Groundhog’s Day, I was just no

Unknown Speaker 19:28
you didn’t say but Twix. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 19:30
Cuz I’m like, it’s the same thing. I mean, my same routine, and then it’s like, Is this real? kind of go between the Is this real? And then I’m going through the same routine every day. I kind of go in between the two. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 19:45
Yeah, I had a weird thing happened to me this week where I forgot all about

Unknown Speaker 19:49

Unknown Speaker 19:53
In this, I’m in these in this group. It’s like a mix clinician group and I saw this white lady I I’m assuming she’s white, I don’t know that she is, but from the color of the people in her staff, they was all white. But she posted up a picture of her staff going to see Santa. And listen. And so was a picture of a in the poll, she said, I don’t want to see any negative comments. And I actually probably should have known from there, that this was probably going to be some Bs, but I didn’t pay any attention. And then she was like, I don’t want to see any negative comments. And we’re like, all right, whatever. And then I didn’t say anything about it. I had negative feelings about the photo for a different reason, but I wasn’t thinking anything. So then the next day she posted in the group that somebody had

Unknown Speaker 20:52
put it,

Unknown Speaker 20:54
like, gave her a bad Yelp for your food, because of the photo, like one of the other clinicians in the group. And so I was like, Oh, why would anybody do that? But I’m in between sessions, I’m not really paying attention. And so people were like, oh, if you’re your brother was in a coma from COVID related illness, and I was like, Oh, COVID they’re gathering. They didn’t have math on they were they were like, 10 people in the photo. And who

Unknown Speaker 21:25
was Oh,

Unknown Speaker 21:26
she, whoever, I guess the person turned off the comments. So I couldn’t even comment back, like, Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot about COVID for a second. But I had like, the people who commented under me, I just kind of sent them a message. I was like, yo, I’ve completely I’ve been in this house for like a year, I completely forgot that we’re not supposed to gather and see Santa. Cuz I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing Hello, holy, not paying attention to who the people who are not doing what they’re supposed to be, like, I’ve learned to just block their assets out of Hello. So it didn’t even dawn on me that they should not have been 10 people that close, you know, with a white Santa actor at the mall or wherever,

Unknown Speaker 22:13
exactly, because at this point is like, okay, we all didn’t cover we don’t COVID so I can like we ate in a pandemic. So you by looking at her like, Well, you

Unknown Speaker 22:23
know, some of us are in different pandemics, because you know, 45 can get sick and go get $100,000 per foot. Does anyone see my black ass home with a with aspirin? You know, a hot water bottle and tell me to go on for myself. No, no, no. Like, we’re not all in the same pandemic. So I you know, I felt bad for forgetting. But I also was sad when I remember it was like when I was pregnant, and I used to go to sleep. And then I’d wake up and be like, Oh my god, what is that? So I’m like sleeping. I’m dreaming. I’m in the pool. I got a flat stomach did not wake up and I got this. What’s happening? So it was that kind of like, thing?

Unknown Speaker 23:14
Yeah. How has been COVID been for you? Oh, cuz y’all have been like, oh, the poster child for like all the cases.

Unknown Speaker 23:26
So I live in a Jewish neighborhood. So they just pretty much do whatever they feel like it over here. with the caveat with the exception. So I do live in a Jewish neighborhood. I don’t live in a completely Hasidic neighborhood. Most of the people who live over here, they got a little bit of money. And so they’re a little they’re a little different. Okay. Some of the Hasidic Jews who were like driving around with Trump flags and like, you know, not wearing masks and like talk like, I went to the grocery store the other day, and the lady behind the counter was was there and some, you know, older Jewish woman came in the store. And I will say that most of the people in the store who were Jewish, they had their masculine they were doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Not this lady came in half a mask on. And then I don’t know people do these, this stupid thing of like, pulling their mask down to talk you dumb ass. That’s why you have the mask on. She was like, in the cashiers almost in the cashiers face. And she’s like, the cashier said, Could you put your mask on? And then she was like, What? What? Like, she pulled the mask down like she could like she could hear without mouth. And I was like she said, Put the damn mask, put the damn mask on. And he’s like, wait a minute. I’m trying to hear her. No, I just told you put your mask on

Unknown Speaker 24:53
to Jewish ladies with big hair. having this conversation like it’s the SNL skit. Oh no

Unknown Speaker 25:01
no that was me I was like yo, like cuz cuz she’s getting close to the to the cache Utes cuz she can’t hear her but you don’t hear what your mouth Hello hear with your ears

Unknown Speaker 25:18
oh god like

Unknown Speaker 25:21
yeah so I’ve had some of that would have been had to be like the mass police where I’m like put it goes over you know put it on like one lady I was in target like a month ago and like she pulled her mask down to sneeze and I like how stupid it is. That’s what the mask is for. I know you don’t want not in your mat. But ma’am.

Unknown Speaker 25:48
Oh, wow,

Unknown Speaker 25:50
I was there with Walmart Monday and Walmart head is still on strawberries like $1 50 a car or you might even been $1 like, oh, and I remember my kids. I put it on a list. And I was circling back around. And there’s this white lady with her daughter in the front of the car. And she’s literally opening up the car to strawberries, putting her hand in no glove and picking out shoppers with her hand. I lost my thought. And now people are gathering but I was hurt like you really want to see him. She told me Yes, she was want to pick out those stars berries because they were hurt and her in the cart that she got in.

Unknown Speaker 26:31
Not sure if I would have lost in about the strawberries. But I’m also not judging you for collusion and about I think at this point, we got to pick our battles. But we I think that we like we can’t lose that

Unknown Speaker 26:44
it wasn’t even about the strawberries is the fact that we’re in a pandemic, you literally are standing in Walmart open plains you inside and taking your hands we don’t know where to begin, mind you when a pandemic and just picking through. It wasn’t like you know how people pull off to bananas? And then they just bought it to banana. Do you feel you this? That was this

Unknown Speaker 27:05

Unknown Speaker 27:11
I was just I’m just thinking about the nasty things that people are doing. And they know where they’re going.

Unknown Speaker 27:15
I don’t want to think about it. Honestly, I don’t think that I’m ever gonna like be able to be out in the world. Oh, mask anyway. No, I don’t mean like that. But like, I think I’m gonna, I think I’m gonna be wearing masks for the rest of my life. And you could look at me crazy if you want to, but I don’t really care. I’m definitely gonna be social distancing from people for the rest of my life. Like now. So we black, right? Um, and I thought you could get the coal like a coal by like showering and like washing your hair and going outside. I didn’t know that the coal was a virus, even though I know it was the coal was a virus. I didn’t know it was the same thing. Like you get the flu from like, droplets and like things like, like now that I am fully aware. I don’t think I ever want to go back. I never want to catch the cold again, I never want to get get the flu again. Like I just don’t want it I’m gonna win. And I work. You know, we worked in the hospitals we have, like, I have to get the flu vaccine usually every year, which is another reason why I’m probably not gonna be going I’m not gonna be at this job next year. Because if they require us to get a COVID test game over. And it’s not that I’m not an anti vaxxer. So I don’t want anybody to think that I don’t have a problem with taking vaccines. I just want them to be tested. And I don’t Trump that i don’t i don’t i don’t i don’t trust that President. Period. I don’t trust the President Donald Trump that trust the FDA. I keep saying Trump, same thing. I don’t trust Trump. Trump, same thing. No. Anything that works in the government right now. I just don’t trust it.

Unknown Speaker 28:59

Unknown Speaker 29:00
catch me in 2021 2022 when the people go first, and then they see so I’m gonna be careful. For a while, period. That’s one thing. The second thing, I like people, but I don’t like like people.

Unknown Speaker 29:15
Mm hmm.

Unknown Speaker 29:17
And so with all of the social distancing that I’ve been doing, it really has helped me. We find who I need to be around.

Unknown Speaker 29:29
And I think COVID is the one that I think the pandemic is definitely cleaning up a lot of ways in so many different ways. People out to live people that are supposed to be in your life. It’s just making way for a lot of stuff. I know I have been able to clean out clauses do a lot of stuff in the house like, No, man, I’m not messing with any of that. Yeah, I have been really just been awesome. Let me just clear. A lot of stuff out the way from people two places two things. Yeah. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of stuff and people may be for sure.

Unknown Speaker 30:01
Yeah, cuz I mean, if somebody’s gonna be a health first to me, I want to be a part of it. Mm hmm. That is so much period. And then they are those people who don’t take it seriously. And then there are those people like I’ve had people. Muscle son has had pneumonia and double pneumonia more than once, and so on this hat and he’s asthmatic. So when COVID happened, I was like, man, we gotta be better. And so like, even his best friends and families, I Oh, he doesn’t come around us anymore, because we’re dirty. And I’m like, y’all had coffee. First of all, yeah, had they had it and didn’t tell anybody and not that they needed to tell. They didn’t need to make an announcement when I had it. I didn’t even know y’all had it. Like,

Unknown Speaker 30:55

Unknown Speaker 30:57
Like, people are making fun of people for being careful, which is

Unknown Speaker 31:00
stupid. It is. It is. What’s concerning me though now is the asymptomatic people who have it or don’t have a sister. So you just will be done now. That’s concerning.

Unknown Speaker 31:14
I kind of not worried about any of them. Because I’m not out when I tell you. I ain’t around nobody. I ain’t around nobody. Like I’m in the store today. And this, this old lady walked up behind me. And then the dance. She told the black lady white lady, so the black lady behind her back up and give her space. And the black lady was like, well, she gotta move up talking about me. And I said, Well, she moved close to me.

Unknown Speaker 31:45
Nobody touched First of all, she said she’s within my six feet. First of all, and I ain’t going away. I’m shopping.

Unknown Speaker 31:52

Unknown Speaker 31:54
She came over here. So he told she wants to she wants to make money me to move up and one of the black lady Move back. You need to get off the line. Because then nobody tell you to come close to me. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 32:13

Unknown Speaker 32:15
people are getting a little testy. People are sick of being in the house. People are sick of homeschooling. Are you homeschooling? No, I’m

Unknown Speaker 32:24
not homeschooling. I’m more so just facilitating the learning process. Honey, My children are 12 and 14. No, ma’am, I’m getting my son ready. For High School. This is last year eighth grade. We’re getting that stuff together. Because yes, apply for high schools. And that’s really, that’s really where we are. My daughter has been having a huge problem with the transition because she’s a social butterfly. And my son is the introvert on a spectrum. And he has just so this has been like his life like he’s loving it. And he has been excelling in school. And, yeah, but you know, one day at a time, as usual, some days are harder than others. But we we all find a way to get through I do GBT check ins. Every day we all sit down we did our our family walks a day. If it’s not raining or snowing, we go out and walk. no cell phones allowed. And we just really check in with each other and get them off the screen. So for every three hours, you got to take an hour off of the screen. That means no cell phone.

Unknown Speaker 33:36
No television set the PlayStation myself.

Unknown Speaker 33:40
Like I said, some days you can some days and just be hard where you just can’t but I still find a way even before we go, like let’s just check in but they they’ve gotten on a routine now. With the F three on three hours going into an hour off they’ve gotten today. I got this juggling refrigerator to do lunch.

Unknown Speaker 33:58
Dinner. I’m sorry. Something is making a noise again. Okay. Do you have a headset on? Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 34:05
do. I think I had leaned up against it. Is this better? Yeah. Okay. So, um, yeah, just you know, getting getting them a schedule for even in the house. Like you’re not gonna sit around and snack and eat all day. You know, these hours use Gordon’s time. You gotta take breaks this week. Eat breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. And this is what we’re doing day to day like they’ve caught on it was a little rough in the beginning. But

Unknown Speaker 34:32
you know, they’ve caught on. They’ve caught on.

Unknown Speaker 34:35
So you’re launching on January 1, your practice? No,

Unknown Speaker 34:40
I’m putting my paperwork. Oh, okay. On January 1, whoo,

Unknown Speaker 34:46
you got a name? I do. Oh, you’re gonna reveal it when you launch.

Unknown Speaker 34:53
Apple like people who know me already should already know the name but I don’t want to talk about it until Okay. Okay. registered. Okay, that’s good. Oh, I’m

Unknown Speaker 35:02
excited to hear about it.

Unknown Speaker 35:04
Yeah. Yeah, tell the people where to find you.

Unknown Speaker 35:09
So I am on Instagram and Facebook at a life. First therapy, LLC. That’s the life first therapy LLC. And then the group practice is therapy loft collective, TLC for short, but therapy loft collective on Facebook and Instagram as well. Those are only two platforms that I’m one.

Unknown Speaker 35:29
I love that name.

Unknown Speaker 35:30
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 35:32
So in the fit that therapy love collective was supposed to be actually a self care space for therapists. I had picked out this amazing space, it was like an Artist’s Loft that had like all these different like chill spots within it and atrium a cafe girl COVID hit and I was just like, this is ridiculous. And I may still revisit it at some point. But I’m like you, I don’t really think I am going to be quite open to go into like close quarters and do business as usual. Whatever I can get away with it as far as tele, whatever. And working remotely, I’m definitely going to do it. So yeah, it’s always the pleasure of catching up with you and coming on.

Unknown Speaker 36:17
And you are author. So tell them about your book. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 36:21
So I just dropped. Get your mind right, get your money, right, the mental health guy for successful entrepreneurs. And this is not just for people who are therapists. This is for anybody who is considering leaving their nine to five and jumping into entrepreneurship, or people who are currently entrepreneurs and just want to maintain their sanity. There are a lot of exercises within the book. But I also go deep into my own experiences and how I transition into being entrepreneur and my own relationship with money and some narratives I was taught as a kid I talk about imposter syndrome I talk about self care, anxiety, but just different things that may come up that we may not necessarily talk about out loud.

Unknown Speaker 37:10
Why are we like this? My second book is about finances.

Unknown Speaker 37:13
Go ahead grow.

Unknown Speaker 37:14
Go ahead shit,

Unknown Speaker 37:15
but it’s about finance. So I’m not gonna read get your book out by saying I’m happy

Unknown Speaker 37:25
girl like everything is copy there’s nothing new under the sun if somebody Oh,

Unknown Speaker 37:29
but my but but my my book ideas is is similar but it’s it’s different.

Unknown Speaker 37:35
Yes, yes. I listen to me. We’ve always been kind of simpatico. So it is yeah, we Oh, and I even know you had the new book out. Tell him about the other book. Oh, so the other book is basically is a planner but it’s not and I do it. I did it in 2020 and I’m doing it for 2021 so the planner is not like your What To Do List let me get some pretty stickers and do these affirmations. That’s not the goal of this planner this this planner literally is for women who are ready to do some action some work and boss up. So on a monthly basis you go in and you do this assessment and it assesses you in different areas that assess your finances, your environment so that could be work or home it assess your mental health, your spiritual health, your social health, your physical health and your mental health. And so I have a question here to say that I loan out money to somebody I know I have no business loaning out money to do I have a savings account did I put XYZ amount of dollars into the savings account this month? Did I did I go to the doctor and get an OB GYN checkup? Did I you know just different things that as women in general we may forget to do because we’re taking care of somebody else but I literally go do it actually some real ask questions like am I doing this like I should be on a monthly basis? What are some things that are holding you back and then there’s a little bit I would say have some cognitive behavioral therapy exercises in there around negative thinking changing your you know your thought patterns, how to express gratitude and how to bring in abundance but as you do these monthly checking points you’re no witch what you need to go into change as far as your behavior so that you can get the things that you are destined and that you want to achieve. So that’s basically a planner so

Unknown Speaker 39:26
so that’s the second book I didn’t know about Tom about the damn book I know about who has been working

Unknown Speaker 39:34
the first book I just said the Get your mind right. That was the book that you probably knew about because I dropped that in October and then the planner just came out.

Unknown Speaker 39:43
Oh no the book that when we met I was that Oh,

Unknown Speaker 39:48
that was my word. So many books you Well, you was really I didn’t know you were talking about that. I apologize. So I my very first workbook is called Let’s talk about trauma. So that’s where people who are like on the fence, if they not quite ready yet to go to therapy, and they just want to do some work on their own. And so in there, there’s again, a lot of self directed exercises and worksheets and resources on how to find a therapist and some things that you can ask the therapist as you are shopping around for a therapist, because sometimes people will feel like, Oh, you accept my insurance or you I can afford you, I’m gonna go to you when it may not be a good clinical fit. And I tell people don’t just shop with which your therapist using. Okay? Your insurance cardio while it it needs to be a good clinical fit. It needs to be both. Yeah, yeah. Cuz I think like, Oh, I like my therapist or therapist sucks. My therapist was horrible. Well, you could have a bad clinical fit, because you just jumped on the first therapist that you know, took your insurance, or you could pay $75. You get what you pay for?

Unknown Speaker 40:59

Unknown Speaker 41:01
yeah. Yeah. But yeah,

Unknown Speaker 41:04
so those are so those are the work. It sounds like what trauma was from last year for 2019. And then the the other two books I dropped this year, these this year, but the Get your mind, right, I started working on that in September 2019. It usually takes me about a year to gather all of my resources and write it out. And then trim the fat go through the book cover process. So it’s about a year or so process for me to write a book.

Unknown Speaker 41:35
Yeah, my that the second book that I want to write, it’s already started. Has it been something that I’ve, like I didn’t focus on, but this is how my first book came out. I had already had notes and then I was like, Oh, no, I want to write this book. And then when I went into my notes, I was like, what a book is already half written in the notes. So then I was just able to kind of like outline everything and then get it done and put it out. Nice. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 42:06
well, I’m excited. I can’t wait to read it, honey.

Unknown Speaker 42:11
Yes, well, I’ll have more time to write once the group wreck hopefully wants to come back. No, you will. Like I like maybe you’d like a skill that could some of my clients now cuz people like man, some guy sent me an email. He’s like, what happened? Looking at waiting to see you for a long time, and I’ve been keeping my eye on you. And I’m finally ready. And I was like, brah we is full.

Unknown Speaker 42:39
I am so sorry. You should have made your presence known earlier. Oh, good. Yeah, we know like that. Yeah, you gotta be Oh, we get booked up. Yeah, we awful I’m sorry. Well, yeah. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 42:58
for coming back on the show. And thanks for having me back. I cannot wait to see what unfolds for you in 2021 with the practice I’m excited for you. This sounds really good.

Unknown Speaker 43:09
Well, if I call you crying, then you know what it comes. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 43:14
come through honey come through. And we definitely got to talk offline cuz it knows the whole mess. But yeah.

Unknown Speaker 43:21
All right.

Unknown Speaker 43:22
So want to thank you guys for listening to this episode of black therapist podcast next week, tune in to our 100th episode. And I’m just really grateful for the work that we’ve done here and all of the support that was on the podcast, I cannot wait to see where it goes next and to see how it grows from here and thank you guys, please be safe. And be well thank you guys for listening to another episode of black therapist podcast. Once again. You can follow us on all our social media sites at Black therapists podcast on Instagram and on Twitter as well as black in therapy on Facebook or you can follow your host me Miss m s ni k i think on Instagram and Twitter as well as you can find out any information about me at Nikita and ik iita banks.com and on the show’s website like their pets podcast, calm and don’t forget if you want to send us any general feedback, show suggestions, show topic for ideas, please feel free to drop us an email at Black therapist [email protected] Thank you be well

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