Survivors of Sexual Abuse Fight back on Surviving R Kelly

As a trauma therapist who works with survivors of sexual abuse the docu series surviving R Kelly, was hard but also triggering for many victims.

But one of the major questions that emerged from watching the documentary was, Why we were able to over look the behavior of sexual exploitation of women of color for so long. 

If you aren’t familiar, the documentary covered the nearly 20 year allegations of inappropriate behaviors by superstar producer, singer and song writer Robert “R” Kelly. 

The four part documentary showed the point of view of both his victims and their families. As well as members of R Kelly’s own family’s point of view on how and why he has been able to get away with this behavior for so long, and try to find a reason for the attraction to young girls. 

The blame for the behaviors was squarely blamed at the feet of his sister who was said to have molested him as the child. In my experience working in forensic social work. I have worked with victims of child sex abuse who become abusers. While this is not an uncommon occurrence there are many many survivors who would never think of committing such acts.

And in watching the documentary it was clear for me that in order for the focus to truly remain on the victims he created as a result of R Kelly’s actions, we have to look at the communities of color that allowed such predators to not only survive but to thrive at the expense of our girls. 

In our first episode of the season our host psychotherapist Nikita Banks, LCSW discusses the documentary “Surviving R Kelly” the culture that creates men like him, and the ones that allow them to continue to create unsafe spaces for women of color.

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