In this day and age it is imperative that we get our therapy services no matter what is going on in the world. On this episode of @blacktherapistpodcast we talk about the need for stable telemental health platforms like @trucircle to help us get through these next few weeks and beyond.

Telemental Health and Self Quarantine

In this day and age it is imperative that we get our therapy services no matter what is going on in the world. On this episode of @blacktherapistpodcast we talk about the need for stable telemental health platforms like @trucircle to help us get through these next few weeks and beyond. 

As a clinician I don’t want my money to stop just because my clients can’t get to me. And I want a practice around my lifestyle and not the other way around. Elemental health gives me that option. 

During the “corona lock down” will your clients have the proper access to you they need? If you don’t already have a plan in place let #blacktherapistpodcast and #mytrucircle help! 

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But um

yeah, my intention of doing a whole brand new show today.


you know, then the whole damn coronavirus loose. Now I’m, I guess because I travel and I’ve traveled in the year out of the country that I was paying attention to this coronavirus epidemic and paying attention to something a kind of gives you a different sense of awareness. So while everyone was I don’t know doing whatever he was doing grieving over, Colby, dealing live, you know, Christmas holiday debt. And every single day, y’all, white president do something stupid or delights president as I like to call them Dwight’s president do something stupid. I think people kind of missed that this was happening. And so I serve hospitals in Brooklyn’s Chinatown. And my catchment area for my consulting job is to coverage to hospitals that have a really large population of Asian clients, and so I was paying attention, right? It’s not you, Asian culture is more solitary than the rest of I’ll say, I’ll say black culture, right? I’m only gonna say black culture. Matter of fact, I’m only going to compare it to us because you can find black people anywhere. You can find white people anywhere on any any place in a city. But you know, a large, our large immigrant populations here in New York, they tend to kind of stay together. And I myself didn’t recognize that there was a Chinatown, Brooklyn until I actually got out of my own little enclave of Bed Stuy. And so, I had kind of been watching this virus for a while. But I’m of the mindset of having functional government that I never thought that it would get to this point that we would just be


freaked out about it. Like I didn’t, I didn’t think that we would be at this point. And so I’m a traveler. I’ve always been proactive. The name of my business is proactive mental wellness. And so part of what I was doing, especially when I came back from Africa because I got sick with a foodborne illness there I had been really like taking better care of my surroundings. Making sure that I had hand sanitizer making sure that I had what do we have now? So good soap, right. I’ve gotten some sort of infection in my nail recently. sounds gross. It was really gross, but because of it I had like, but like eight things of pop of antibacterial soap, which was how You cured the little thing that I had and it wasn’t a really big thing but a little thing that I had. It was like a little bacterial thing. I maybe I had a cut maybe bacteria got into it but bacterial antibacterial soap is how you cure it and so I had bought all of those things in the house like months ago, and I’m always the kind of woman that keeps bleach in vinegar and 91% alcohol in my house 70% alcohol miles because as someone who works in hospitals, you got to be bedbug ready right? My house has a steamer in it for bed bugs. My house has a you know, we keep 90% alcohol in the house at diatomaceous earth in the house. So I’m kind of like really proactive and I think I told the story before I my parents both of them mother and father are both Capricorns and they are poor. My Father God rest his soul is no longer here, but he was a hoarder. My mother was a hoarder. And so my mother is she still is alive, but she, she is a hoarder to this day. And so I’ve just kind of been waiting for this thing to happen forever.

And so


in the singular was not really concerned about this, but I was concerned about my son in terms of me, I think got very insulated, right. I work in an environment where I can see patients remotely. I went to visit family recently and then was able to still see my clients via tele mental health platform So there was like other that this was not a thing. It wasn’t like my money would stop. If I didn’t do this. My savings is good. My bills are paid. I wasn’t really worried completely about about the effects of this. And I don’t think that I took for granted what it would what effects it would have on society at large. But I was and I still am concerned about my family. I’m concerned about my mother who’s a diabetic and you know, almost any any elder that I have in my family who has diabetes and my aunt Sue and uncles who are in their 80s and 70s. And so it’s very scary. My son, I’m also concerned about my son who has had a lung issues. I think I told you recently I was having lung issues. have asthma wave. We’re a family of asthmatic but I’ve never previously had pneumonia or been hospitalized for anything lung related. And so this is this is concerning. I know people who are immunocompromised. So my first instinct was like, Man, I’m not going to really worry about this because it doesn’t affect me. And I don’t think that that’s the best way that we should be thinking about this. I think that we really need to start to think globally, what our role is in the world and how we interact with each other. And so if you have any elders, if you have any family members who cannot get out to get groceries, go buy groceries or offer to get the groceries or offer to get them taken to the laundry or do their laundry or do whatever they you need to do in order to support them. You know, I’ve recognized from my consulting job, I’m at a crossroad that I might have to take a financial hit and not see my clients in those homes or be even more vigilant than I already am right? Like I have hand sanitizer on my person. I have hand sanitizer on my keys. And I’ve had that key chain with the hand sanitizer for years and years and years. But I’ve had that stuff. And I but I’ve never really had to use it right. Whenever I go into the hospital to see a patient before I usually start my shift. If I have inpatient, which is hospital visits, I’ll do the inpatient visits first and then I’ll do the community visits. I had already started to make a point of going in the hospital washing my hands, seeing my clients washing my hands again and usually right before I hit the door of every hospital, there’s like a hand sanitizer there. So even though I just washed my hands, I would also sanitize them as well. And so this is kind of always been like my thing. And then one particular hospital they have like these little white wipes that are like, I mean, I think they would kill anything. Because you’ve got to put gloves on to use the wax. But I’ve used those wipes I’ve bought those, I mean, not bought, but I’ve used those wipes to wipe down my phone every single time I leave the hospital. So, I’ve been I’ve already kind of been proactive, but I’m not really sure what this thing is and that we are living through. And so if you have people who we know who have immune, immune compromised immune systems, please check in on them. Right? family, family family, if you know of anybody who is in a dangerous relationship right now, they should not be quarantine with their partners. Please make an effort to check in on your friends who may be isolated with somebody that jeopardizes their safety. That may be children, who are who may be in housing situations that are not ideal. Or being with abusive parents. This may be people who are in abusive relationships. This may be people who are are facing any of the insecurities that are going to come up for us whether it be housing insecurity, whether it be food insecurity, whether it be financial insecurity or economic insecurity, whether it be a general lack of safety wherever, please check in on those folks.

What I was going to say was that I’m in a place in my own situation where I’m deciding whether or not I’m going to just be super hyper vigilant. Because I’ve already been vigilant about washing my hands and stuff. When I go to the bathroom or washing my hands, as soon as I come to my house and taking my shower and all that other jazz and putting my clothes in the dryer, just in case we’re having the bedbugs and not sitting in people’s houses when I go into client’s homes and yada yada, but like, you know, knowing that a lot of the clients that I know who are being taken care of by their elderly parents or clients who have really severe mental health issues, right? Not the people that I see in my day to day practice, but the people that I see who are being discharged from our psychiatric units, they’re homeless, a lot of them and they are doubling up and tripling up with family members and a lot of them are being taken care of by elderly parents. So just being mindful when I go into those homes, that my hands are cleaned, and that I’m you know, don’t need to cough and that I have a pocket square or I have a have tissue or whatnot in order to be able to not expose them. My job has given us mass, which is a good thing. So we’re able to do that but like just making sure that I’m actually extra vigilant in my own life. And so for me, I went to 99 cent store, Dollar Tree, and like folks in there fighting over this net and going through boxes and pulling inventory off the debt. They was they was already doing all that stuff right? And so I didn’t need anything but because there was this whole thing of Oh, I can’t find hand sanitizer. Now mind you, I said I have at least six had previously before this six things a hand sanitizer in my house numerous hand soaps in my house that is bothersome to me. I don’t know who wasn’t buying this stuff before. Right? Like I always buy a 24 pack of toilet paper if I’m down to one or two. It’s a problem for me, but I’ve always bought 24 like I don’t know who’s buying all this toilet paper and hand sanitizer and whatnot but I ended up buying two boxes of hand sanitizer myself. One was just because you know, I could put my mouth just never buy hand sanitizer ever again in life because of this and I don’t like hand sanitizer. Personally, I like washing my hands with soap water, hot water preferably and so but I do use hand sanitizer when I do my manicures. I do my own nails. I’ve been a licensed hairstylist and cosmetologist since I was 16 so I one thing that I still do myself is but one thing that I do do myself is my nails still and so I use hand sanitizer for that purpose alone. But I was able to get enough hand sanitizer that I was able to like give it to my family members who are no have compromised immune systems either by so for them, just to make sure that I could give them those things so that they could be taken care of and take care of themselves. My uncle was not very happy with getting my frilly little Fufu soap he was like I think well you put it in the sink but when you run out of soap and you ain’t got none, then you want to use it, sir. But yeah, you know, just be making sure that you are mindful. I know that my neighbor is elderly, I bought some stuff for her and so being able to do that for the people that have in my life is I’m just grateful to be in a financial position to do a little bit of something where I can so immune if you have like, you got $1 tree I think they have they get shipments in in Brooklyn here on Wednesday, for at my local dollar tree. Just go pick up this or that we get from water. Just pick up a few things for people in your life if you can’t afford to get a little bit of something. Whether it’s just groceries if you can’t afford to get a little bit something for people in your life, too. Help them through this quarantine or these uncertain times. Please, please, please do so.


tackle your peoples with kids man. I

you know I love my son. Thank you, Lord. I’m glad he’s home. I’m glad he’s here while we’re going through this epidemic but Tara ma He can on Earth a little bit. So check all your people that are tapped into that and the homes with their families. Because it’s not all fun and games as it sounds in all funny games, and so yeah, just make sure that you are make sure that you are checking in with them. Um for me, I’m not really all that concerned whether I get it or don’t get it to be honest with you, because I do know most people have gotten they gotten it, they’ve lived through it. There’s no issues. I’m not even sure what the what the symptoms are. I think you get a cough, which I already have. But like I said, I have seasonal allergies. And I’m taking stuff for that. There are fever, which I definitely haven’t had never had a fever, or anything like that. So yeah, just just be mindful. Go on the CDC website. Sign up for the text alerts here in New York, you could listen to three on one and Take a chill pill and be still, you know, I don’t think that we really understand the the psychological effect this is having on a lot of people. If you have anxiety or you suffer from genuine general anxiety disorder, social anxiety, this has to be very difficult. If you are a person who has OCD, you you probably are freaking out right now. Even more so than previously. A lot of us even myself included, my therapist says cancel therapy sessions for the next few weeks. As for me, my office will be open for telemental Health Services, but I’m probably not going to go into the office not because I’m afraid of germs, but just because I don’t really feel like being outside. But I’m not gonna do that. But if You have the the wherewithal and you have the the space to be able to work from home or work remotely or not have to leave your house to do so. But it’s easier said than done psychologically for the majority of us like it’s a big deal for us to be able to be home and to not be out and to not be trapped. But you know, don’t be worried, right? I got called my girlfriend the other day and she’s like, Nikita, I’m scared and I’m like, for what? And she’s like, Oh, that’s scary. This Corona like girl, like we live through Ebola. Like, I don’t know if you guys have ever seen the movie outbreak, don’t watch the movie outbreak now. But like living through outbreak and like seeing Ebola, the Ebola virus, you know, coming up, where, you know, I came came of age, as they say which you know, found my sexual awakening during the period of HIV and AIDS. I didn’t have the luxury of like just going out and like having sex with a guy and not using a condom. You know, and just getting the clap, right, like you may you may get HIV or something by the time I started becoming sexually active, so you just kind of have to live like everybody had it, right? and be proactive and just being safe and, you know, taking the proper precautions, and this is just where we are right now. And so, I think if you’re able to do that and talk your self through things, like I know, for me, I had like a scary period where I might have been exposed to someone who was exposed to it and I was like, Oh my god, what does this mean? It was mean, I’m like, go on the CDC website. Look at how the virus is transmitted.

Look at the risk to exposure.

calm yourself down, go sit down, take a chill pill and what Be still and so I think that a lot of us will We really have to start thinking with our minds and not with our emotions you have there almost has to be a detachment of like, this is what this facts and this is what I’m feeling, because our feelings will cause us to panic and we will we will be in a frenzy and we will be in a lie. And it’ll cause us to make bad decisions that we don’t need to be making in these times. We need to have a state steady plan and a stable hand to be able to address the issues that we have before us. And just be careful. Just be careful, okay.

I shared on my Facebook page,

a article of how to talk to your children about anxiety through the corona virus and it’s five ways to help teens make edge anxiety about coronavirus with the New York Times. Now, do you want me to register for subscription? I don’t even really want to

do the annoying. Welcome to my new york time account. Could you just read the damn Can I have the article?

I mean,

normalized anxiety.

Ah, yeah. And it’s it’s what they mean by normalizing anxiety means that you need to just let them know that everybody gets anxious and everybody is kind of scared right now. We don’t have a lot of information and when mommy has the information, you will have the information. I think it is times it’s best to be a proactive parent and to kind of be responsive to them and temper their feelings. I know someone on my Facebook page put down that you have to be mindful about your children because I know that when she mentioned that our child got into her car. When she picked him up from school, he was like a five year old. She gave him hand sanitizer and the kids Hey, Mommy, why is every all these parents giving the kids hand sanitizer and it was kind of making them a little nervous? And she said, Well, we just want to make sure that your hands are clean. And so I’m just telling them age appropriate things for what’s going on to be able to manager to manage their anxieties by letting them know that all of us are anxious because, I mean, I’m not scared, but I am a little anxious about what’s going on. You know what I mean? But there’s a lack of clarity. There’s a lack of proper government response. And this isn’t we’ve never had this reaction to a pandemic before, right? Like there’s been h1 in one and SARS. And this is not the First coronavirus, AIDS HIV like we was never like this. So this this feels different and I’m not really sure why and I think it’s that uncertainty which which will allow your mind and your anxiety to fill in the gaps if you allow it. Okay, and we can’t allow that to fester in our children. So we have to at least maintain a proper honest dialogue with them about what they’re feeling and kind of what we’re feeling right now, but to offer perspective for psychologists, anxiety is is unhealthy only when it occurs in the absence of a threat right. So yeah, you may have you may you have every right to be anxious in these days.

The third

tip is to shift the spotlight.

I’m not really sure what this means. I guess it just really changed the subject. The fourth is encouraged distractions. So there that goes that is changing subjects. And number five is to check yourself manage your own anxiety. And so, I mean, it’s a good article is written by the New York Times, if you want to go and like look at it, I will share it to our Facebook page, and you go there. Um, but yeah, today I asked Lenny Carter to come back on if you guys have listened to one of our previous shows where I talked about the use of technology and building your practice. Not really sure what the name of the show is, but shall go look.

I was on that show. And we discussed

many ways of utilizing your website as a marketing tool for your private practice. But he also owns a prac platform called my true circle which is you by clinicians to provide tele mental health therapy sessions, and so we’re going to get into that interview right now.

All right, so introduce yourself to the people.

Yes. My name is Lana Cora on the founder and CEO of true circle, where mental health platform to help providers connect with their clients and patients in an easy and convenient way to video chat and online marketing. And we also have a directory for more clients to find them, especially clinicians of color.

Okay, so I wanted you to definitely come on today because everybody’s kind of going crazy with Corona virus. And so I mean, you and I have always basically, you know, talked about being office after 2022 Why me I feel like I keep pushing back every year because I was like, I’m here by 2021. I want to, I want to be without my office and be able to work from wherever I am in the world. But I feel like 2022 may be a thing. Keep pushing back. But the goal was to be to be location independent by 20 2021. And as we see, you know, Tom waits for no man when there is an emergency. And so for a lot of clinicians, they’re looking for stable platforms to use with their clients. And so tell them a little bit about your platform. And what what the platforms out there because you educated me about the platform options in total? And what makes your platform the most unique out of the ones that are there?

Well, absolutely, you know, you bring up an excellent point. There’s a lot of platforms and options out there and available to folks to use, but he gets very confused and to kind of understand what’s the best approach which situation you should jump in so in use, and how do you get started with elements who have the first side out We’ve talked about is that there’s a lot of platforms out there that want to contract you, you know, you went to school all these years to work on your services. And now you turn around and you’re paying someone else to basically use your services and contract you for the work that you do. But our platform gives you the opportunity to now offer your services independently on your time on your schedule, and make yourself available with secure video chat to connect to your patients wherever they are located. So when you need a break and timeout from the office, you don’t have to worry about paying rent. When you want to go and you have coronavirus going on like right now you have opportunity to turn around and say Hold on, you know we can’t meet face to face, but we still have our services together and I can help you through any challenges you’re facing, whether it’s anxiety of all the things happening in the world right now, or whether it’s just the everyday session that you deal with, with your regular clients on a regular basis.

So when you set the alarm platforms want to contract you. What do you mean?

So what I mean by that is that these platforms hire you, essentially, they bring in the clients, they do a lot of the work, they say that they’re responsible for the marketing to get the client. And now they got to serve you to client but pay you, you know, a couple of dollars for sessions, exactly pennies on $1 30 $50, maybe, but nowhere close to what you’re worth for the services that you’re providing to their clients.

So you talk about like better health or pretty padded room, those kind of platforms? Yes,

exactly. Those type of platforms.

Gotcha. But what I was asking about was like, the so what you told me before was that although there are different companies who market tele mental health platforms, there’s only three or four technologies that are be used.

Correct? Correct. So the underlying technology that makes the whole thing works and come together, whether it’s better help a contract service, or whether it’s another service that’s offering videos chat, you know, essentially has the platform. Exactly, exactly. If they’re connecting through the web, and you’re using Safari or Google Chrome or connect. At the end of the day, they’re using a platform called web RTC, which stands for web real time communication. And that web real time communication turns around and puts you in a situation where, you know, your service may be not that great, you may go out with your audio video connection, because you’re using cellular data. If your Wi Fi connection is weak, your your connection is going to be poor, and it won’t work well for you to connect. It’s helpful. We have a version of it, but we help our clinicians understand the value of doing it the right way, the best practices, how to make sure their client and themselves are prepared to use that type of technology. The second performance technology is another company by the name of VC, they built a video platform but they had some issues as well because they’re the only ones that actually use it. tested and independent of the rest of the technology world on advancements and tools necessary to grow a video chat platform. And then last but not least, who were partner with as well is zoom zoom is the number one video chat platform that’s out there that offers the best quality service. And they offer a service to allow you to connect directly with your patients in a clean, efficient way, without there being interruptions no matter how strong your services, if your Wi Fi connection is poor, all of those things work out well for you. Right.

So even if it was just like me, you know, not dealing with the corona virus a week ago or when I was in Africa, I was still able to kind of use platforms like yours to be able to connect with my clients last week. Not last week, two weeks ago, I went to a family function in North Carolina. And I was like, I could cancel all of my clients or I could just offer them virtual sessions. So I was actually able to work remotely from where I was and not lose all my money because I wanted to spend time with my my family. I have an 8080 year old aunt who, you know, had a birthday and a 70 something year old on to my 82 year old uncle that I got to really spend time with and so, for me, if I had to not make that money, I would have been okay. But there are a lot of clinicians, especially in the times that we’re seeing right now that are living paycheck to paycheck and they just can’t afford to just be like, you know what, I’m not going in the office, and I’m just not going to see clients.

That’s the that’s the craziest part about these times right now is that, you know, we’re saying the economic disadvantages of the people that’s being impacted by this pandemic going on with the corona virus. Most people are turning around and are relying on their paycheck week to week and their income from whether it’s their job, their private practice, wherever they show up to get their dollars from That’s being impacted by not being able to be any social settings traveling while public transportation and being in a mix with other folks. So now, video chat gives you the opportunity to not stop that income, you have the opportunity now, to keep a regular schedule a full caseload service clients in the same similar manner, but yet connect and not lose a beat with your income.

Yeah, and even for me, as you know, I talk about my journey from patient to practitioner, my own therapist called me this week and was like, Listen, I, you know, I’m not gonna be cavalier about this. I’m going to cancel sessions for the next three weeks. I’m like, What am I going to do with our sessions? I actually referred him to your platform because I was like, yo, listen, you might want to look into these things, so that we can still have sessions because I have to deal with my anxiety to app to deal with, you know, this time brings out all of the insecurities, right? Whether it’s food insecurity or financial insecurity, economic insecurity, Housing insecurity, like there’s so many ways that this, this will challenge your sense of safety. That, you know, we are on the front lines of this pandemic. And so I did a conference recently where I was like, we need to kind of define ourselves or define clinicians as a cohesive group. But I really believe that we are, you know, another first responders, because whenever something happens, people have to keep their minds together, they have to get their emotions in check so that they don’t overreact like we’re seeing right now. Like there’s widespread disinformation, there’s widespread panic. And so, you know, I commend you for building a platform like yours and being in business already so that while we have incidents like this, people can take advantage of it and be able to kind of work remotely and it doesn’t have to just be clinicians, right. We see now that teachers are going You know, to remote platforms and a lot of businesses that go into remote platforms, it’s it’s necessary.

I mean, you you kind of made any more valid points than which we just mentioned, you know, what’s the point that schools are out of service and the fact that teachers have to now teach from their locations and their homes, to educate students while this virus is going around. You know, it was really important that we built the platform made it simple for people to connect, easy for them to be able to understand how to use technologies and that is the way of the future. If you’re not using, you know, video conferencing and connecting with people to video chat, you’re gonna actually miss out on a whole market in the next five years.

And the parents the parents have to be home with these children in order for them to be home so you know, it’s for them to be able to work remotely like for me, it really was no sweat off my back. Foot when I started to see this happening because As I had already started to transition my clients in the beginning of the year to tell them mental health platforms, I had already started letting people know, hey, I’m licensed in several states. So I have to be able to have a way to have multiple streams of income and multiple referral streams coming in so that I can make the money that I want to make and not often deal with the commute and deal with the traffic, you know, for the for the clients, for the traffic, that the commute that I used to have to my office, I could see for clients, you know what I mean? And that two hours sitting in traffic, you know, four hours out of the day, that’s for for clients that I would be able to service if I was home. And so your platform is is definitely needed, and it’s something that a lot of clinicians should be using. And the thing that I like the most about it is that you have one of the most stable HIPAA compliant platforms out there.

Exactly because stability is the key, everyone can soak a good one in terms of sharing that you’ll turn around and get a quality service was so nice. Once again, you’re in a wooded area or area where your cell phone reception is not that good, you’ll have the opportunity to realize that you know you needed a better quality service. So that’s where we come in and play the role to make sure that service is there for you reliable and you can have a flowing easygoing session with your client.

Good. Okay, so tell people where to find you and the platform and habits as they call us and all that other jazz.

Awesome. So our platform it can be found on my true circle Comm. You could go directly to the website where we have informations for all the providers that end coaches that’s looking to actually provide services to their clients during the time of this coronavirus pandemic going on. We’re on social media my true circle calm whether you’re looking at Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. And we get the opportunity for you to make it easy, where we do demos for you. We’ll meet with you over the phone and consults you through learning more about your practice and understand that each use case is unique and each provider go about their practice differently. And when they go about their practice differently, we want to take the time to get to know you understand what you’re trying to accomplish, who you’re servicing, and make sure you have the best experience possible. Getting started with tele mental health services.

Okay, and everybody wants to know if it’s expensive.

Oh, man, the key with it is that we, we will always want to make it affordable because, you know, we understand that it’s a challenge for people to get the services they need. So access is a priority to us. And with us providing and wanting you guys to provide access, we make it affordable where we have a $19 plan, which is our life plan to get everyone started. We have a 30 day Dollar plan, which is our zoom starter plan to get people feet wet, we use zoom with features such as taking notes, and using our system for screen sharing and whiteboarding as well as our calendar. So all of those tools give you the ability to grow your practice, and then we have an unlimited plan for $59 per month.

Okay. And what does the unlimited plan include oriented? Yeah, include

everything that the starter plan does for $39. But what it does is allows you to have a lender sessions per month, the starter plan only allows for eight sessions per month.

Gotcha. Okay. So that’s for somebody that’s really like just starting out, and they just want to do because, because I do both. I have clients that refuse to come to see me and to do telemental health, so people just want to see me in person. There are some clients that I can only see in person, like for people who have more severe mental health issues. I’d like to see them with my eyes to make sure that they’re stable. There are some clients who just prefer mental health, which for me, you know, once we go through our particular screening they are, you know, I found that they’re ideal for that platform. That’s what I do with them. So it would be a starter plan would be for somebody that kind of has a mixed use like myself.

Correct, exactly. It’s mixed use. You see a lot of people in person and in between sessions, whether it’s a pandemic, like the Corona, Corona virus going on, or whether it’s a fact that your client couldn’t find a babysitter, they started playing with fit you and then more seasoned veterans and folks that’s turning around, looking to dive deeper and do multiple sessions over eight sessions per month. The unlimited plan will fit on best.

Gotcha. And I think for for most people, you know, I travel a lot and there there are times that you know, I plan to do a lot more traveling, whether it be for work or whether it be just to spend time with my family. I do want to have that flexibility. to not have to be tied down to an office. And that’s the best my biggest bill, my rent is my biggest bill to be honest with you. So, you know, if you are a clinician and you’re looking to go off go online these these few weeks cinco of office matching circle is something that you should really, really look into for, you know, the next few weeks and beyond. I mean, we don’t we don’t know how long this is going to last, unfortunately, and we, you know, do want to give you other options, you know, besides what everyone is using, there are some all companies that I work for, that prefers them and that’s fine, but in my office I I like the fact that I Well, first of all, I know you so I just call you up and let you know what I think about the platform if I have any issues, Lady problems, which is cool. And you know, as a business owner, you are very responsive period. So all of the people that you that are on your platform, so that I think that that’s super cool, and it’s black hole To black line business. And so, you know, not just not just because of that, but also because of that, I think it’s good that you provide a quality service that everybody likes. And that is a necessity in this day and age.

Oh, man. And and the key is, I think you’ve covered a lot of basis that we take pride in, not only are we black on, you know, black owned companies get a bad rap at times that, you know, getting a quality service. So getting what you need can be a challenge at times. And, you know, it’s disappointing that all black businesses may be viewed under like that, you know, struggle but the key with us is we pride ourselves on customer support, responsiveness, learning and growing together with our customers, and providing a quality service that allows them to expand their businesses and grow as well.

Right. And that’s the whole point. You know, to me, I think a lot of people don’t understand that. We don’t have a lot of the startup capital that a lot of Other companies have. And so where, you know, other companies come out of the gate with with other, you know, access to resources that we don’t have. Sometimes we just got to do it with an idea and our shoestring budget. And so I really love the fact that you’ve invested in the company, you’ve invested in what you’re what you’re doing, and it’s a quality product. That’s a frickin necessity. And I don’t know why most people are not even if you’re a therapist, you’re not looking to do Tella, mental health stuff, at least to get your feet wet, like you said, because you have issues like this or incidences where there may be another, you know, I don’t even want to say I don’t even want to say it. Another national emergency and I’ll leave it at that. But like, you know, as a New Yorker who has lived through both of the blackouts and I’ve lived through 911 Live, do you know a lot of the tragedies that happen Here in New York City, I know how how ideal It is to be proactive about your planning. And so, you know, this is just something that we have to go through thank God we still have lights and Wi Fi in our computer access and most of us have skill based employments that we can do you know, that don’t require us to be in the office, but if you don’t have the proper technology doesn’t matter.

Absolutely, absolutely. Man. Oh, man. I mean, I enjoy having these conversations because you know, it’s relevant to keep the conversation going. A lot of people will tend to be nervous or scared or skeptical and understanding the value of it, you know, some people love the energy and the feel that you get for in person sessions and think that quality would decrease from there. But we come through we highly recommend, you know, any information that you’re lacking training courses and other you know, tools to help you gain the knowledge and comfortability to get out there. You know, spread your wings and touch more people because the people out there looking and they need the help.

Okay, so I know you’re easily with native. I just went online Charles Barron has coronavirus,

Jewish. Oh my goodness. That’s that’s just, that’s just the sad part is really getting to a point we’re getting close to people is becoming a challenge you know, you just never know how and where you could run into this type of issue and who can be affected by it. And it’s not showing any borderlines any barriers any discrimination on, you know who it can affect right now. So we will want to be as safe as possible and take the necessary precautions such as you know, tools that will allow you to keep yourself in business and gaining income while providing a quality service for people that are experienced at hard times through this through all the changes that’s happening right now.

For real

people talking about throwing 2020 hit back

March Oh, we only made it to march. Even in April it’s not even a

word up. We had some unfortunate losses.

He was mad long for me it was so damn Jerry was a long year,


Matter of fact, you know what, and I was in South Africa and I was sitting with and I was like, yo, it’s been a long year. This white guy sat next to me he was like, but you woke up this morning? Right? Like you’re like do not even from here and stuff like that. You’re right. And I was like, Don’t talk to me. No.

You don’t even understand what I’ve been going through. Don’t do No, don’t ever speak to me.

And this the world trash. It’s a worldwide

Yeah, the energy in itself from the cobia event. All night Coby event lasted for about four to six weeks in terms of the energy and space that people were in, you know from the event happening unfortunate accident all the way to, you know, to 24 February 24 that was like a month and some change later that you know, the world had a weird energy has space in it.

Me I’ve been vibrating differently you all this year. Word Up, word up. I’ve been I’ve been telling you I’ve been like my psychic energy is like high that Yano come for me. I’m not in the mood to talk about my psychic energy right now. But my ancestors stuff has been really like my family is laughing at me now because I’m like, yo, we got to do such a such a such and such date and because like it’s just God still telling you stuff and I was like God is not talking to me like that. I’m not schizophrenia don’t make anything. But I’m telling you, we don’t do this by a certain date. Like it’s gonna nag me. And so I’ve been really mad to like not put things off at night. I don’t it. I won’t say I’m not affected by the Coby brain situation, but I don’t think it’s that it really it was before. Like, when I came back from Africa, I just came back with a whole new energy. And it’s not it’s not even an energy meaning that I’m like where I need to be. Because you know sometimes I call you I’m like bouncing off the walls, I just kind of like have to sit still for a little while because it just does. The pull to do what I need to do has been so great. That’s why I’ve been harassing you over the last few months about Yo, you got to do this and you got to do that with your business. I didn’t know that this was what it was. That was making me kind of getting your behind about certain things that you needed to do. But this is this is this is clearly part of what it is.

Oh, that’s a fact. And I mean, you know, your skill set and your ability to foresee I mean your whole side of your skill set and marketing branding, you know, understanding mapping out a vision, you know, all the things that you have your hands in and you’ve accomplished, you know, I’ve been proud to, you know, call your colleague and friend to, you know, watch your journey and how you’ve helped so many other clinicians, you know, get their brain in order and get their situations in order. So, you know, kudos to you and applaud you for you know, your hard work, your effort, the work you do, and helping your clients alone. And you know, your podcasts just great work on your side as well. Thank you so much.

Okay, so once again, if you are a clinician, and you need to circle in your life, I’m telling you that you do need to Southern the life right now. You’re looking for a tele mental health platform that is stable, that you can hear and your clients can hear you because I was I’m actually hiring a virtual assistant finally finally found somebody that I trust. But she and I was on a little conference the other day and I was like, I can’t hear you. I can’t You like you and I was like, oh God. So you know to have a stable platform where you can both see and hear each other and do screen shares and all that other stuff, just you know, for me is like minimum whether I’m doing clinical stuff or my coaching stuff to have a very stable platform is the key. So once again, tell everybody how to get in contact with you both on social and website.

Absolutely. So you know, you can always find us online on our website at my true circle comm there’s no intro so that’s spelled ny tr u Cir. cl e comm all our information from you know, helping providers through their marketing websites and online video chat all the way to directory BNF. For people that seeking help and looking for a clinician, especially a clinician of color, which is a majority of our platform, can be found there as well on social media we can be found on Instagram Facebook and Twitter at the handle my true circle and I’m always available and accessible to be found that l Carter and why and I love to connect with clinicians learn about your business and practice learn about ways that we can offer more services and improve on the things that we’re already doing. So you know always feel free to reach out at Hello at my shoe circle comm if you need to shoot us an email and you’re not online and the social media space so you’re taking a break from it. We you know respond to emails quickly as well.

Okay, and the directory is a free or zero cost involved.

Oh directory is really free. That’s that’s our advocacy side that as a business we’re not just about taking and looking to make money. You know, mission started from the fact of recognizing that more people need access to clinicians. More people need to, you know, understand that clinicians came from backgrounds that they’ve been through neighborhoods that they’ve been in, you know, situations that they’ve been in. So, you know, at the end of the day, the director reflux is just a icing on the cake or a cherry on top to say, you know, here’s to the world, we want to have the largest directory out, they have mental health professionals that people can, you know, find click on and recognize, like, Hey, I see someone that looks like me and tell this story similar to my story. You know, let me rock and roll. And that’s what we’re here for. And we welcome any and every clinician that’s out there that do quality work that focus on you know, providing for their communities, and we want to see you

there. Yes,

yes, exactly. I kind of put it in a better words than that. Yes, exactly. You want

to serve my community? That’s Yeah.

Yes, yes. So, you know, we’re looking out for you. We’re opening Seeing you come through. I personally get involved with a lot of people that register and sign up and, you know, hold conversations because, you know, I learned every day from our customers and the people that join our platform.

Yeah. And I mean, we’ve had you on the show before, I think we talked a little bit more about the tech side of having a well website and building a web, web and marketing presence for your practice, but I’m not really sure we really touched on it on this side of it before so I definitely wanted to get you want to have people know about your platform and know that it’s a necessity in these times, that even if you aren’t, you don’t feel like you are comfortable with technology or you do feel more comfortable seeing your clients one on one. I know for a fact that, you know, I referred my therapist to you but my therapist is like, I’d rather just stay at home and not see clients honestly, rather than to, you know, use that technology just because he’s an older therapist and he’s just not comfortable with it, but Lenny works with you in a way that even if you feel like you are uncomfortable with it, you will get comfortable with it very easily and very quickly. Because his onboarding process and his Customer service is really really good. And so, you know, even if you don’t feel like this is where you even if you feel like I really rather do x y&z like this is where the game is going, this is where the industry is going, this is where technology is going. And so you want to be ahead of the curve and not behind.

And it’s funny that you say that because, you know, you just reminded me that I don’t know how to mention but you know, for all the listeners and clinicians that’s out there that’s listening. We do want to offer a free trial to our true circle light platform and give you a touch and taste of what it looks like to use the video chat. So if you sign up and come Oh, boy, you know what I mean? If you come on board and you jump on, you know, by the end of the month by To end the March, and we’re looking as this coronavirus increase, we’re going to look to roll this out in April as well and push it along as much as we can. But you know, come in, you know, share that you heard about us on the show, you know, provide us feedback on, you know, what you would like to do and how you’re looking to grow your practice and, you know, we’ll onboard you for free so you can get your feet wet and get your first couple of sessions going.

Good. Okay. Okay, and maybe we can hook you up with a coupon code or something. I’m not really sure how that works on the tech side for you. But

yeah, yeah, absolutely. We work out the details and you know, follow up and any way that we can to you know, make sure to folks get the info

just mentioned me just mentioned y’all heard him on black therapists podcast and then we’ll see what we get. get done.

Absolutely. Absolutely. one spot change. See it. We got to be on it. So we got you.

Okay. All right. So thanks for coming on the show.

Yes, yes. Yes.

So how are you doing today? Boys bunkering down in this

new door

Do you got enough toilet paper? That’s what I really want to know. Do you got a hand sanitizer? I

don’t know, you know, you could sit back and get Amazon to deliver it the next day in front of your doorstep. So the same day. Exactly, exactly. You know what I mean? So, you know we kept this sample we bunkering down the food situation. You know we always want to make sure we heard and situated there but I

gotta get old in the morning. Yeah,

yeah, but love is love You know, a lot of you around your loved ones and you have what you need your essentials on a roof phobia, a hot running water, you know, I count my blessings from there and continue to push forward and, you know, stay out of dodge.

Yeah, I tried. I was like, I’m not gonna panic. I’m not gonna panic and then I went to the Dollar Tree the other day, to get Something I don’t know what I was what oh you know what someone online on on like my facebook page was like I can’t get tan sanitized and I’m like yeah bug and I just saw the other day but you know I’m not knowing and everybody is like in this whole space even though I’m watching the news I’m just like I don’t know that everybody else is there and so I’m like well I’m gonna just drop in and drop in the dollar tree and see if there’s any hand sanitizer and I get in there and there’s no hand sanitizer there’s like boxes of stuff and so ladies tearing through the boxes like I know that they have some I know they have some like oh my god so I ended up blind two boxes, the hand sanitizer. You heard me sad it neat not right.


Exactly. Yeah, I know.

And so you know, I had found like four boxes, the hand sanitizer so there was some old ladies that were helping me find some things in boxes. So because I really just went to get hand sanitizer I needed some bleach and I got some other little things that I really needed to get. And so you know, I’m I gave the old older women, the hand sanitizer because for me, they were older black women. I know that we suffer from high blood pressure we suffer from diabetes, I don’t know what their particular amino immune system situation is if they’re immunocompromised or what? And so I gave them this box of hair sanitizer. And I see the lady come back with like two or three and I’m like, What in a white guy was walking around with my box, it really pissed me off. So I was like, watch it give the guy the hand sanitizer and he was like, she the lady said, I didn’t have enough money to buy more. And I was like, I didn’t even think to ask you if you needed me to buy the hand sanitizer, you know, for you. And it was just like, it really sobered me up because I recognized that there are a lot of people that we come in contact with a lot of people that we have in our community and a lot of people that we we know that we really want to be supportive of that we probably not even thinking of in this in this thing. And as lot of people that are not going to be I’m not going to have the financial resources to even survive this thing in a way that kind of the majority of us was just kind of being cavalier about.

Right, right. That’s spot on me. I

thought it was a joke too. I mean, not joke, but I thought it was a joke to until I got the text message that somebody I know has coronavirus. And I was like, ah, and I someone I had, you know, I had tertiary contact with. And while I’m not concerned about myself in this, it does make me think about my clients. When I do home visits a lot. The majority of the people that I see who have severe mental health issues are being taken care of by their mental debt by their elderly parents.

Yep, just taking care of one or two things in terms of understand and evaluate and like everything that you’re saying right now. Just digesting that process. So understanding that there’s so many people out there that don’t have access to the resources needed to get through this coronavirus in a situation of, you know, the data data some folks take, you know, for granted, you know, just the items that you said as simple as getting the tools needed is a challenge.

Yeah, yeah. All right. So be safe out there. Yes. Investors interested to show in. Excellent. We’ll talk so I appreciate you thank you for having me. No problem. Thank you.

Once again, I want to thank Linda Carter for coming on and talking to us about his platform my true circle. And I want you guys to be well right Don’t stress this. You will be fine. Okay, we okay. You are okay. We will be okay. The best weapon you have against coronavirus is to become If you stress it will release cortisol and that will make you sicker. It will release hormones in your body that will compromise your immune system. And you do not need that. So do not worry or do not stress about this because we will be fine. Okay, we will be fake be fine. We will be safe, we will make it if you don’t have the virus right now, focus on what you don’t have right now. Focus on being proactive right now and not getting it focus on even if you do have it, limiting your exposure so that you’re not putting other people in harm’s way. Okay, you’re going to be okay, you are going to be okay. If you need a referral to a therapist or someone to help you through these times, please feel free to reach out. All right, everybody until next week. Thank you guys for listening to another episode. Black therapist podcast once again you can follow us on all our social media sites at Black therapists podcast on Instagram and on Twitter as well as black in therapy on Facebook or you can follow your hosts me Miss m s ni k I banks on Instagram and Twitter as well as you can find out any information about me at Nikita in ik it a bank calm and on the show’s website laughs therapists podcast calm and don’t forget if you want to send us any general feedback, show suggestions, show topics for gap ideas, please feel free to drop us an email at Black therapist [email protected] Thank you

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