Storm Over Brooklyn

Telling Our Stories

On Our Season 5 Premiere we interview film maker Victorious De Costa about his @HBO documentary “Storm Over Brooklyn” and “Digging for Weldon Irvine.”

And the invisible thread of fatherlessness, mental health and trauma, in his work.

New Monday New Season New Show we are back!!!

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1 thought on “Telling Our Stories”

  1. Hello Nikita,

    Happy to discover your podcast. Mental health is of prime importance to me. I was diagnosed with bipolar in 2007 when I lived in Harlem and had my first psychotic episode. It’s well managed now with meds (fortunately), but it took more episodes over the next 8 years to finally accept my diagnosis was a permanent condition. I wrote a novel based on my experience (This Darkness is Mine). I anticipate my literary agent will be successful at finding a great publishing deal.

    But as to your podcast – NICE! I don’t have cable, so how could I get a chance to watch Victorious De Costa’s HBO documentary? Will it eventually be on Netflix or YouTube?

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