Let's be honest we all have issues when it comes to creating intentional relationships, and partly because of our attachment styles. 

You got issues, attachment issues!

We all have issues, with attachment.

Hey let’s be honest we all have issues when it comes to creating intentional relationships. The reason is in part because of issues created by our attachment styles.

Attachment theory is a psychological theory that bases the idea how we form bonds with our parents is the basis of how will will create and replicate relationships through out our adult lives.

Based on the psychological research of John Bowlby, it is based on the basic principle that who we are attracted to and how our ideas around what type of behavior we believe is normal is given to us by our caregivers and pre determines who we will be as a parent. Yikes.

Attachment is set by your primary caregiver. If you have a parent or guardian who were not very responsive to our needs if we have experienced neglect, abuse, in childhood. according to attachment it makes us more prone to be with someone who has the same treatment we become used to the treatment we accept from our families of origin. 

There are four attachment styles secure, avoidant, ambivilant and disorganized. 

Ever felt like you have a fck boy finder? Like you are a bum magnet? Does your significant other remind you or someone? Someone that knew you before you knew you? Yep your parents. Did you know how we were parented has a direct bearing on the types of parents we become and our “attraction style” let’s discuss!

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